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Another Blake Win!

November 12, 2008

Okay, so, I know I’m SUPER late on this.
I won letter trays from Sillycone Inc via BlakeMakes — gosh — a month ago?! But my trays arrived right smack dab in the middle of the moving process.

Today, I’ve unearthed them from a pile of unpacked kitchen items.

They’re so cool!!!

According to Sillycone: “…colorful, educational, flexible and nonstick.Make Ice, Sidewalk Chalk, Jello, Butter, Soap, Shortbread Cookies, Chocolate, Muffins, Candles…is oven safe to 550 degrees F and (-50F)…” as well!

I haven’t had a chance to make anything with them yet, but soon!

I received the letters, but they also make numbers and symbol trays. Too cool!

Thanks again Blake and Sillycone!

Dipping Spoons by the Spoon Sisters — Courtesy of Blake Makes!

August 31, 2008

I was lucky enough to receive a set of the “Dipping Spoons” from the Spoon Sisters, via the BlakeMakes website.

These spoons are awesome — no more floury/baking powder-y/spice-y knuckles for me as I try to get items from the bottom of the jar! These spoons take care of that for you!

And their funky color scheme is fabulous. I heart these spoons!

The spoon set includes 5 nesting spoons: 1/8 teaspoon, ¼ teaspoon, ½ teaspoon, teaspoon and tablespoon.

Get some! NOW!

YouBars are here!

July 30, 2008

No pictures, and no taste-reviews yet, but I just wanted to post that I received my YouBar samples!

I was one of the lucky individuals who received a box of 4 YouBars to sample, courtesy of YouBar and BlakeMakes!
Reviews on the flavors and pictures coming soon!

Chef Bradley BBQ Meatloaf

June 11, 2008
About a month ago, I was lucky enough to be chosen by Blake, at Blake Makes, to receive a free bottle of Chef Bradley’s Lean Mean BBQ Sauce.
I wasn’t sure what to make with it — we don’t have a grill, so grilling was out — so I asked my dear hubby what he wanted me to make with it. His responses? (I should’ve known…) meatloaf or pulled pork. Well, okay, we’ll work with that, then!
I made the meatloaf this week, but only used 1/2 bottle of my BBQ sauce – so perhaps I’ll get to make both meatloaf AND pulled pork (I may try beef instead) as well! TWO Chef Bradley recipes!

My cute little loaves, ready for topping and baking

Chef Bradley’s website says the Lean Mean BBQ Sauce is primarily a finishing sauce, but, I used it on my meatloaf while cooking as well. It had a nice, sweet flavor from cooking along with the meatloaf. I added more sauce to my piece of meatloaf, to taste the original flavor as well, and it was delicious — it’s got a little bit of zing to it, is a little peppery, but is very tasty — AND it’s healthy. How awesome is that??

Basic Meatloaf

(Makes 1 large loaf, or two small loaves)

1.5 lbs ground meat (I used ground beef and ground sausage for this — you can use any ground meat)

1 small onion (or 1/2 large onion), finely diced

1-8oz. tomato sauce

salt and pepper to taste

1 egg

1/2-3/4 cup breadcrumbs (however much you need to make it bind)


– Mix all ingredients together, shape into loaves

– Top with BBQ sauce, ketchup, or whatever you enjoy

– Bake at 350 degrees for 45-60 minutes, or until loaves are cooked through.

My finished BBQ meatloaf. Okay, so it isn’t the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen, but trust me…it was deeeeeeeeeelicious!

Blake Makes – Chef Bradley BBQ Sauce

June 3, 2008
YAY! My BBQ Sauce has arrived!

I entered a contest on Blake Makes several weeks ago, and ended up being one of the lucky winners of a jar of Chef Bradley’s Lean Mean BBQ Sauce!

Now — what to make with this delicious concoction??? Anybody have any ideas for me? I’m totally open to suggestion! Just leave a comment with your ideas 🙂

(As long as you keep in mind that I have no grill, nor a grill pan — I know what you’re thinking, how can I live?! haha)