Clean Eating Egg Salad

This was delicious! And extra-filling because of the added protein from the cottage cheese.

I’ll definitely be making this one again — it was great for lunch! I did discover, though, that it was definitely better fresh…a few days in the fridge and the cottage cheese changed the taste of it a bit.

Clean Eating Egg Salad

(Clean Eating Machines)

*Recipe says it makes 1 cup, but mine was slightly more than that

1/4 cup fat-free cottage cheese

1 tbsp skim milk

1 tsp prepared mustard

4 hardboiled egg whites, diced

1 hardboiled egg yolk

2 tbsp chopped green onion (I just used one stalk of onion)

2 tbsp chopped celery (I just used one stalk of celery)

dash of curry powder

1/4 tsp sea salt


– In a medium bowl, whip cottage cheese and milk until smooth

– Mix remaining ingredients except egg whites with the cottage cheese mixture

– Add diced egg whites to the mixture and mix well


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