Giveaway! – Cascadian Farms and MyBlogSpark

Hello everyone!

I have another wonderful giveaway for you!! MyBlogSpark and Cascadian Farm have presented me with a very generous prize pack — and now I can offer one to you as well!

The Cascadian Farm prize pack I received (and which you can enter to win!) included:  Fruitful O’s cereal, Cinnamon Crunch cereal, Chocolate Chip Chewy granola bars, Dark Chocolate Almond Granola, Dark Chocolate Almond granola bars, Oats & Honey granola, and an eco-friendly grocery bag.

So far I’ve chowed down on both the granola bars, and caught myself eating the dark chocolate almond granola out of the box! All of these products are truly delicious — and this prize pack is huge!

So huge, in fact…I had trouble fitting it all in one picture. LOL

To Enter:

Leave a comment on this post before May 1, 2010 — I will draw a name next Sunday (5/2/10) and announce it here!

Comment Fodder: Do you buy organics? If yes, what do you buy? If no, why not?

Did you participate in any Earth Day activities last week?

All the products, prize pack, information and additional prize pack to give away were all given to me from Cascadian Farm through MyBlogSpark. (*waves at the FTC guidelines*)

11 Responses to “Giveaway! – Cascadian Farms and MyBlogSpark”

  1. Julie Says:

    HI Kelly. I have sloooowly made changes in moving towards more organic purchases, and I have switched to supporting local farmers by purchasing (organic) beef, chicken, and (cage-free) eggs locally. Also local fresh fruit and veggies seasonally. We compost and recycle lots too. The kids participated in several Earth Day activities, but we try to be Earth-friendly every day. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win the prize package!

  2. 04.25.10 – Catching Up and Getting Back Into It « Kelly B Well Says:

    […] hosting a Cascadian Farm giveaway on my cooking blog – feel free to head over and enter to win a huge stash of organic cereal/granola […]

  3. Karin Says:

    Sometimes I buy organic vegetables…… always love it when the neighbors give us veggies from their garden….fresh broccoli, cukes….good stuff!

  4. Wehaf Says:

    i buy organic dairy and produce, and some packaged foods; it depends on the food. For pasta, we normally don’t get organic, but cereal we often do.

  5. Katie @ Health for the Whole Self Says:

    Fun giveaway! I buy organic as much as I can (or, I should say, as much as my budget will allow). I generally follow the “dirty dozen” list of foods that are most likely to be contaminated, and try to always buy those organic.

  6. Tiffany Says:

    I do tend to purchase organic chicken and milk. Not all the time, but try to.

  7. Cheralee Says:

    No, I generally do not buy organics, just because they’re generally more expensive.

    And yes, my family did participate in an Earth day activity last week- they went to a local park to help plant 500 trees. And, we recycle weekly!

  8. Erica Says:

    Great giveaway!

    I don’t typically buy organic, mostly because of the price. If I do see the organic version of what I need on sale, or close in price, then I will purchase it.

  9. Dawn Says:

    I love Cascadian Farm cereal!! Don’t think I’ve had any of their bars. I only buy organic if it is on sale or only a bit more expensive than the other brands offered. I grow my own veggies (not totally organic I might add) so I use those during the summer.
    I didn’t participate knowingly on earth day, BUT…I did work the night shift so most of my day was spent sleeping and not using energy sources. I didn’t cook a meal at home, but we went out for supper…it was my birthday;). I like to think that I do my part all year round, not just on ONE day of it.

  10. Drew Says:

    About half and half. I buy it sometimes, but I am not a fanatic about it. Especially meat, which is waaaaay overpriced! I grow a lot of my own vegetables, so I guess that is organic, right????
    I did not officially participate in Earth Day, but we got a lot of stuff together to recycle that has been sitting around for awhile!

  11. Betsy Says:

    I try to buy organic and try to buy it local as well.

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