I was so busy trying to get cookies done this weekend I forgot to post my menu!

This week is boring, meal-wise….DH and I each have an evening meeting (on different nights) and first thing Friday a.m. we trek across the state to celebrate Christmas early with my family!

Saturday: Baked cookies: hershey kiss blossoms, italian lemon cookies, sugar cookies, cookie dough truffles

Sunday: glazed italian lemon cookies, iced sugar cookies, prepped veggies…the usual.

Monday: venison steak (DH got another deer on Saturday), broccoli, pasta

Tuesday: pork ribs, baked beans, rice

Wednesday: salmon, rice pilaf, green beans

Thursday: spaghetti with meat sauce, salad

Friday: on the road again….


2 Responses to “Menu…Tuesday?”

  1. pooralansalmanack Says:

    looks like your husband is a mighty hunter. you’re lucky to be with such a strong and industrious man.

  2. Chera Says:

    Wow! All those cookies and sweets look YUMMY! Especially the cookie dough truffles! Mmmm!

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