Menu Mondays

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday: Prep day:

  • Cook chicken for chicken noodle soup
  • Cook bacon for open-faced sandwiches
  • Chop/prep all veggies and fruits
  • Make healthy eggplant parm-a-asanga, simply because I can (and hope it comes out okay and I can take it for lunch this upcoming week)
  • Make homemade bread for DH

Monday: steak, pasta, corn on the cob

Tuesday: open-faced sandwiches with bechamel, chips and salad

Wednesday: homemade chicken noodle soup, garlic cheddar biscuits

Thursday: turkey burgers, creamy parmesan orzo, steamed broccoli

Friday: leftover soup and biscuits

2 Responses to “Menu Mondays”

  1. Balance for Mere Says:

    Those biscuits sound so good! I will definitely be trying them out. I pre-cook on Sunday too! A hour or two on Sunday spent prepping is GOLD during the week!

  2. Joelen Says:

    Looks like a great week of meals planned!

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