Menu Mondays

Menu Plan Monday

I’ll be out of town visiting family when you read this (family in the boon-docks…dialup internet only! GAH!). I find that pre-planning my menu BEFORE I leave for a trip makes it a thousand times easier to deal with when I get home.

At least this upcoming week we’re trying new things! Hopefully that means the slump is over!


Monday: steaks (with our newly re-stocked free omaha filet mignons from my dad!), roasted cauliflower, pasta

Tuesday: cafe rio pork tacos, rice, black beans

Wednesday: french onion burgers, potato nibblers, green beans

Thursday: cafe rio pork leftovers

Friday: garlic lemon shrimp with broccoli


2 Responses to “Menu Mondays”

  1. biz319 Says:

    The pork tacos look good! I’ll have to try those soon.

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