Christmas Cookies 2008

Since my mom and I are 250 miles apart, and we can’t bake together, we’re both baking select types of cookies, and we’ll exchange some of each when we celebrate Christmas.

We’re celebrating the weekend before Christmas this year — I’m completely tired of fighting the traffic to make the drive for the actual holiday.

Anyway, here’s this year’s line-up — I’ll try to get them all posted soon!

– chocolate chip cookies
– pizelles (orange and vanilla i think — i hate anise!)
– soft sugar cookies
– peanut butter cookies

russian tea cakes
italian cookies (i made mine lemon. again. hate anise.)
spritz cookies
peanut butter blossoms
cut-out sugar cookies


One Response to “Christmas Cookies 2008”

  1. melissa Says:

    oooh. i love pizelles but i don’t have an iron. i have to wait to go home on christmas eve to eat the ones my dad makes. we always use anise because we LOVE it. i think i am going to try making your italian cookies, they look delicious!

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